TeutoDefence Germany – 30 Years Expertise

For almost 30 years, TeutoDefence Germany has been at the forefront of the defense industry, proudly providing pioneering solutions for global security challenges. Our long history of success reflects our commitment, expertise, and relentless efforts to set the highest standards in the industry.

Established nearly three decades ago, we have become a leading agent, distributor, and representative of top-notch military and police equipment. Our extensive network of partners and suppliers enables us to offer innovative technologies and solutions that help our customers achieve their security goals.

Our success is built on a strong culture of innovation, fostered by our highly skilled team. We take pride in regularly organizing specialized trade shows, where the latest technologies and developments are showcased. These events provide a unique platform for exchanging ideas and expertise within the defense industry.

At TeutoDefence Germany, we are committed to continuous improvement, always striving to offer our customers the best solutions. Our vision is to enhance our customers’ safety and efficiency while anticipating and addressing the challenges of the future.

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Empowering Security with Extensive Networks and Tailor-Made Solutions:

With our vast experience and established reputation, we have a strong network with ministries and authorities. This provides us direct access to decision-makers in the police and military, enabling us to deliver customized solutions to support their security goals effectively.

As a recognized player in the defense industry, we actively participate in tenders from federal and state authorities for police and military procurement. Our expertise and premium product range enable us to offer competitive solutions, adhering to the highest industry standards and compliance.

Army, Air Force, Navy, Special Operations Forces

TeutoDefence Germany excels in serving the military sector with specialized expertise in four key areas: the Army, the Air Force, the Navy and the Special Operations Forces. Our in-depth knowledge and experience in these branches enable us to deliver tailor-made solutions that meet the unique challenges and requirements of each domain.

Federal and state police

Furthermore, TeutoDefence Germany excels in providing specialized solutions for law enforcement agencies, encompassing both federal, state police forces and their “SWAT Teams”. Our extensive experience and deep understanding of the critical role law enforcement plays in maintaining public safety enable us to offer a comprehensive range of advanced equipment, cutting-edge technologies, and training resources.

From Vision to Reality:
Two Impressive Success Stories

CEO TeutoDefence Germany

CEO TeutoDefence Germany

14 years collaboration with FN Herstal 

For 14 years, we have maintained a close collaboration with FN Herstal. This longstanding partnership serves as a remarkable example of our strategic alliances in the defense industry.

Together, we offer top-notch products that meet the highest quality standards and fulfill our customers’ needs. Our partnership is built on trust, reliability, and a shared commitment to excellence. We look forward to continuing our journey together, creating groundbreaking solutions for the future.




Unveiling T3: A Powerful Alliance of Defense Industry Giants

TeutoDefence is proud to be one of the three leading equipment companies in the security and defense industry that have joined forces to form the T3 Industrial Cooperation. Together with TR Equipment from France and TBM from Belgium/Netherlands, we aim to support manufacturers and customers beyond national boundaries in procurement processes.

Drawing upon decades of collective experience in market insights and procurement procedures, the T3 partnership seeks to enhance knowledge transfer and expertise exchange. Our collaboration will provide a central point of contact for manufacturers and users in Western Europe, streamlining procurement initiatives within the security and defense industry.

Already underway with initial representation and manufacturing projects, T3 is poised to embark on more ventures. Additionally, we aspire to strengthen cooperation with international governmental organizations such as the European Defence Agency and NATO. The T3 partnership signifies a new era in the European security and defense industry. 

T3 collaboration / photo credits: Gun Trade World Magazine

T3 collaboration / photo credits: Gun Trade World Magazine


Continuing Success Stories:
Thriving Collaborations Across Diverse Industries

In the German (DACH) government market, TeutoDefence represents national and international manufacturers in various specialized areas. Our expertise extends to the following sectors:






  Ballistic Protection   

  Special Vehicles  

  Specialized Technologies    

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