TeutoDefence Test Academy

As a subsidiary of TeutoDefence Germany, our mission at the TeutoDefence Test Academy is to provide law enforcement agencies with exclusively state-of-the-art training at the highest and most current level. Our trainings are individually tailored, planned, prepared, conducted, and evaluated according to the specific requirements of the agencies.

We continuously enhance our training program, incorporating feedback from conducted sessions and agencies’ needs. Courses can be conducted either at the requesting agencies’ facilities or at other suitable training locations, as agreed upon.

At TeutoDefence Test Academy, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional training solutions to empower law enforcement professionals with the skills and knowledge they need for today’s challenges.

Additionally, we offer the opportunity to review the existing training documents of the agencies and provide optimization suggestions, whether it be for the entire training concept or individual training materials.

In states where FN Herstal products are deployed, the TeutoDefence Test Academy (TDTA) enjoys full support and backing from FN Herstal, the manufacturer.

As part of our service offerings, we also provide Product Placement opportunities for partner companies. We understand the importance of visibility and the positive impression that a professional presentation can make on potential customers.

That’s why we collaborate closely with manufacturers to seamlessly integrate their products into our training sessions and events.

By incorporating Product Placement into our training programs, we aim to showcase partner companies’ products in a meaningful and impactful way. Our platform offers a unique opportunity for manufacturers to reach a targeted audience of law enforcement professionals who are actively seeking the latest and most advanced equipment and technologies.


Our trainers use products from the following manufacturers within the scope of their work: