TDTA on RTL Television

❓Did you know that our team at TeutoDefence Test Academy (TDTA) not only provides cutting-edge training at the highest level for police and military personnel, conducts product tests and trials for the industry, but also makes itself available for television recordings?

The TDTA is regularly deployed and takes on authentic SEK (Special Deployment Commando) representation for film and television.

What’s exciting for us is the extensive reach this provides, offering us the opportunity to showcase the equipment and products of our partner companies. For example, the high-quality modular equipment for tactical use from Lindnerhof Taktik, the helmets from Busch PROtective or the boots from Jolly Scarpe under the brand COSMAS.

📺 In the photos, the TDTA team is currently on set for the RTL commissioned production “Alarm for Cobra 11” – alongside the main actors Erdogan Atalay and Pia Stutzenstein.

This is how collaboration works!


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