Successfully tested: Weapon handguard with M-Lok® system

In collaboration with the TeutoDefence Training Academy and our Dutch cooperation partner TBM, a versatile weapon handguard with M-Lok® system was developed and successfully tested for a medium-range weapon system currently being procured in Germany.

The completely newly designed ZHS (additional handguard) was developed and constructed for the first time due to the technical and tactical specifications of a public client for the newly procured weapon system.

After a several-month evaluation phase, the first pre-production models were subjected to extensive internal test & trial control. The testing and determination of the operational suitability of the tactical handguard were carried out by the TeutoDefence Training Academy and were successfully and comprehensively confirmed in the context of the internal final operational examination.

The delivery of the new ZHS to the public client is scheduled for autumn 2023.


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