Our 1951 Tempo Land Rover


We are thrilled to introduce an incredibly rare addition to our vehicle collection – a 1951 Tempo Land Rover. This vehicle was part of the initial equipment of the newly established Bundesgrenzschutz (Federal Border Guard) and represents the oldest surviving German military off-road vehicle from the modern history of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Through extensive research and documentation, we have been able to reconstruct the captivating history of this vehicle:

  • Quantity produced: Tempo Land Rover “80”: 100 vehicles
  • Operational vehicles still in existence: 2

In 1951, this vehicle was in service with the first border protection unit in Lübeck and bore the license plate BG 20 245, as depicted in an original photo from that era. In 1955, it was transferred to the Bundeswehr (German Federal Defense Force) and also played a role in their initial equipment.

The unique historical significance of the Tempo Land Rover makes it a valuable piece of German technical heritage, having served as part of the initial equipment in two prominent German organizations.

We at Teutodefence Germany take immense pride in having this historic vehicle as part of our collection and eagerly look forward to sharing more about its remarkable history. #VehicleHistory #TeutoDefence #TechnicalHeritage #Fahrzeuggeschichte


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