Exciting Visit to Jolly Scarpe S.p.a. in Montebelluna, Italy!

At TeutoDefence Germany we are constantly striving to push the boundaries of military and police equipment to ensure the highest level of functionality and performance. That’s why we are currently thrilled to be visiting Jolly Scarpe S.p.a. in Montebelluna, Italy, with the renowned European boot brand, Cosmas®.

Francesco Gallina is personally guiding us through the fascinating facilities of Jolly Scarpe S.p.a., providing us with insights into the advanced manufacturing processes of these boots.

Jolly Scarpe S.p.a. is a global leader in the production of technical sportswear. Cosmas®, one of their brands, has specialized in crafting footwear for military forces over the past two decades. This visit allows us to experience firsthand the passion, expertise, and quality that go into the production of these exceptional boots.

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